Keep it Real
Keep it Real

Keep it Real

Founder Nutrition Advocate

It was during my internship as a Social worker, while my focus was a

clinical one, I could’t help but see the most vulnerable and marginalized were in need of valuable

nutrition. Many patients received thousands of dollars per person/ per week in pharmaceutical

medications with little thought given to nutrition.

I developed this product because this is no way to live America. The reality is that a vending

machine/fast food diet or packaged processed foods-- with absolutely no nutritional value-- is no dietary


My goal is to add a go to meal; alternative -- as a healthy, delicious, and nutritious -- choice to the

convenience food industry and declare a revolution on eating choices. This will give people of all age’s

healthier food option with no need for food preparation.

I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and its application has

been dedicated to a 24-year banquet business.

Nutrition and my healthy-lifestyle became my focus while observing the correlation between disease and

processed food. My ideology, was impacted of the dire growing need when I became sick. My illness

incurred migraines, neck, cranial pain which succumb to days of darkroom infirmities with bed rest.

Inflammation caused by sulfates, fructose, corn syrups and chemicals in processed food put my life in

disrepair. It was a culmination of witnessing the American diets direct impact on health - pills only mask

the problem, processed food contributes to disease. The battle began to take back my health and eat my way to my healthy best.

I spent the next seven years in research and development to find the answer. I developed GotMeals

using a revolutionary cold-water pressure system to protect the food cell. Allowing the food cell to stay

viable meant the nutrients were able to be maintained. Drastically different than the current U.S. food

supply chain. Food is processed (heat degradation) to destroy any life including nutrients for food safety