Protein Foodbar
Protein Foodbar

I know what you are thinking. You’re probably thinking of another sugary, sweet-tasting synthetic protein bar. GotMeals doesn’t believe in loaded sugars, carbohydrates, and fiber. 

That is the reason our chefs have designed a food bar high in protein, low in calories, and zero trans fat - did I mention absolutely delicious.

 If you grilled up protein be it meat or seafood you couldn’t come up with a better combination on hand ready to eat with only clean ingredients at your fingertips so there are no excuses of why you can’t eat perfectly. 

GotMeals Food bars are made with beautifully tender shrimp, the cleanest cuts of turkey meat, and made into a tasty food bar to add to any meal - be the meal and be the new you. I promise you, you will never feel more energy because your machine is running optimally. Watch yourself get leaner, have more energy, and a brighter outlook on eating healthy because now it’s so easy.

Order your protein food bars today; GotMeals ships out Monday and Wednesday, priority mail with minimal packaging. Packages include a reusable three-day lab-tested ice brick and thermal insulation, Each 8.8oz. pack of 4 airtight sealed food bars has 2 packs of 2 bars wrapped separately. 

With only 60 calories in every food bar, you will get a protein meal. Eat as many as you want and keep count of your calories being healthy and following doctors orders is why we developed a simple answer to a better way of life and eating that keeps you fueling yourself with all the right ingredients.

Grab a bar today and see how far into the future GotMeals has come with helping everyone eat good quality food to be the best you.