GotMeals Brussels Sprouts Health Mission
GotMeals Brussels Sprouts Health Mission

All kinds of vegetables and fruits offer the best of nutrients one requires to get through the day. When cooking or not a great solution to turn any meal into one that includes the vegetable you like add as a  side to protein or meats and even pack GotMeals prepared vegetables for a healthy on to go snack. Regardless, supermarket produce can present the challenge of stale, produce that has lost over 80% of its nutritional value in transit, warehouses, and storing GotMeals guarantees a fresh batch at the peak of nutrition – every time you open a pouch of our vegetables.  We have changed access to the most important foods and your worries are gonna be over. Introducing the 3lbs freshly prepared and packaged brussels sprouts are here ready to be sprinkled on as a delicious side or grab on the go for a mid-day plant base energizing bite.

Like all of our products, these brussels sprouts are packaged using BPA free pouch while naturally maintaining its freshness. Prepared and ready to eat for a great source of antioxidants and unlike processed and fast foods, has an extremely low sodium content. Not only is this a good healthy option for you, but it also fits into all diet plans as it is non-GMO, gluten-free, clean eating from farm to pouch so that virtually anyone and everyone can benefit from this superfood.

Apart from containing high amounts of antioxidants which help in fighting cancer, brussels sprouts are also packed with fiber, vitamin K and C, and Omega-3 fatty acids. These help in reducing chronic inflammation and maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.

While most health-conscious eaters are already aware of these benefits and have incorporated these vegetables into their diet, most people are apprehensive about their taste. And rightly so as they are one of the few most hated greens alongside broccoli. However, GotMeals is the leader in sensational tasting Brussels Sprouts. Any time of season our price guarantee never fluctuates with seasonal pricing. A shortcut to enjoy them is oven-roasted or pan seared with a light seasoning of olive oil and spices of your choosing. As a complementary ingredient they are perfect for salads, pasta, omelets, rice and soups to name a few.  A creative consumer wrote to us with an all time unique way to place a Brussels Sprouts in the center of his meatballs. A great way to add variety to the dinner table cutting time in half when all that is required is opening a your delightful green gems holistically seasoned to perfection for your convenience.

So order online and you will receive a thermal insulated priority mail box with a 3 day lab tested ice brick to guarantee your arrival of fresh and nutritious brussels sprouts! Remember we love hearing from our Brussels Sprouts enthusiasts and show us your food plate pics using GotMeals prepared vegetables.