Why are GotMeals Whole Foods “crunchy”?
Why are GotMeals Whole Foods “crunchy”?

The most valuable nutrients are lost when cooked at high temperature .  

Prolonged exposure to water, heat, and light may cause some foods to lose nutritional value. While this isn’t a big problem for sources of proteins and carbohydrates, it’s a definite concern when cooking vegetables and fruits rich in water-soluble or heat-sensitive vitamins and minerals. To address this problem, stick with cooking methods that are quick and rely on very little moisture, while also picking and storing foods in the most appropriate manner.

  • It can also be a good idea to note which vitamins and nutrients are naturally more sensitive to air, light, and heat so that you can be more careful when preparing foods that have them. Proteins, carbohydrates, biotin, and niacin are relatively stable. On the other hand, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin B-6, riboflavin, and carotenes are somewhat sensitive; vitamin C, folic acid, and thiamin are especially sensitive.
  • When boiled long enough, cannellini beans lose their toxicity and become a real super food with numerous nutritional and health benefits. So go ahead and continue boiling to the temperature and consistency that accommodates maximum nutrition. GotMeals pressure cooks the “Bean” for optimal nutrition without having the bean split. When the bean splits carbohydrates are released that begin the breakdown of the bean. It is tricky to balance the proper bean density with delivering a product that looks eatable. Unless the GotMealer has hours to soak the beans the night before cooking and then to pressure cook for an additional 4-5 hours while continually adding water to compensate for bean absorption choose GotMeals to add the amazing benefits and efficiency. The final downfall to sprouting these beans is life expectancy is short. What That means beans have a shelf life if 3 days. While you may prefer to make the beans on your own chances are you will not. GotMeals uses a revolutionary technology that extends the longevity of the bean- preservative free.
  • GotMeals promotes these healthy beans conveniently to make diet consumption easy and quick. Provided are a few reasons why you have to put these beans into your health regiment. Follow the link provided to see the full story.
  • Cannellini beans metabolize slowly, and provide steady energy for hours following their consumption. This in turn helps stave off cravings for sugary foods and control mood swings. But the health benefits of eating low glycemic foods such as cannellini beans do not end there: low GI foods may also help forestall diabetes in pre-diabetic people and reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • What's more, foods with a low glycemic score can help you shed off pounds, especially around the waist. When the carbohydrates in your food prompt an increase in your blood sugar levels, a pancreatic hormone called insulin is secreted by the body. Insulin helps remove excess sugar from the blood by driving sugar into the body's muscle and liver cells where it can then be used as energy or stored for later use. After consumption of a high GI meal, however, there is usually far more sugar in the blood stream than the liver and muscles can handle. To get rid of that extra glucose, insulin promotes its storage as fat in your body's adipose (fat) tissues. By contrast, low GI foods such as cannellini beans do not cause large increases in blood sugar and insulin levels, resulting in little energy being stored as fat.
  • Cannellini beans have a detoxifying effect on the body
  • Some of the health benefits of cannellini beans are linked to their high molybdenum content. Molybdenum is a trace element that plays an essential yet overlooked role in human health. By stimulating the action of detoxifying enzymes like sulfite oxidase and aldehyde oxidase, molybdenum plays a vital role in the detoxification of the body.

The purpose of GotMeals is to combat sulfites.
Note: all of GotMeals ingredients have a synergistic approach to remove toxins, supply nutrient, and alleviate inflation which make the body prone to bad eating habits and or disease.
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Avoid using canned cannellini beans or vegetables, however, since nutrients can leech out into the water they're packed in. Most canned vegetables also contain added sodium.

Due to the length of this article future blogs will address the benefits of celery.