Is All Food Processed?
Is All Food Processed?

Since its inception, most chemically processed foods have received criticism from nutritionists and dieticians for being a rather unhealthy and oftentimes harmful source of food and should be consumed sparingly, if at all, despite the extreme ease and convenience that comes with it. And while there has been overwhelming consensus within the general population about the harmful effects of such food, ambiguity and debates arise when trying to classify and determine what food counts as processed and what counts as fresh and natural.

Are All Food Chemically Processed?

A chemically processed food is any food that has been altered in some way during preparation. This means that adding refined ingredients, artificial substances, and chemical preservatives to any food items makes it processed. Hence items such as soft drinks, fast food, instant noodles, and microwave-ready meals fall under this category and are undoubtedly harmful for anyone to consume regularly as they contain in excess saturated fats, refined sugar, and salt while being deficient in important nutrients like fiber and vitamins.

The Cons

Delving deeper into why such foods are harmful for humans to consume, chemically processed foods have added sugar, artificial ingredients, refined carbohydrates, and trans fats while being low in fiber and nutrients. To top it all off, their ease makes us more prone to keep consuming them, taking in more calories than required despite having fewer used in the digestive process.

Collectively, these traits puts the consumer at greater risk for a large variety of diseases. These include compulsive overeating, obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory diseases, irregular levels of blood sugar, and cardiovascular diseases to name a few. These foods also do not contain vital compounds such as anti-oxidants and anti-carcinogenics.

The Solution?

By now you must have sworn off the drive-thru and are shaking at how companies have been able to get away with intentionally putting such harmful substances in our food. However, the solution which is being presented to you does not employ mass chemically processed food production techniques. Instead, at our certified facility, the goal as always been to provide you with fresh and organic food delivered to your doorstep. This freshness is preserved for up to 3 weeks despite no additives or preservatives. Our secret to this longevity is manipulating hyperbaric pressure when packaging the meals. Who wouldn’t want the ease, comfort, and convenience of processed foods while enjoying all the dietary benefits of fresh, home-cooked food? So don’t wait and order us as we’ll be more than happy to serve you and help your family lead healthier lives.