Fresh Food Fit For Dogs
Fresh Food Fit For Dogs

GotDogsFood single batch crafted Human Grade Dog Food. Our mission is to make your dog eat clean ingredients. Our pet owners care is to meet with the highest regard for feeding our pets to reduce disease and contribute to a long healthy life.


Crafted with every fiber of Love. To ensure pets are nourished right from the mitochondria of your love. Deep!


Hi, My name is Maria LoRicco I developed a Holistic Food supply company in 2008. You might see me in your community as I travel the country providing a simple solution to eat healthy – conveniently! Come tell us how we are doing?  Each meal kit includes fresh veggies, a protein to mix in and a treat for dental hygiene.


Are you looking for dependable prepared food that does it all for you? Assemble in minutes and say goodbye to shopping for fresh meals.

·       End Food waste

·       Portion Control

·       Calorie Counting

· ·     Saves the Environment (eliminates aluminum)

·       Chemical Free

·       Gluten Free

Fresh food with the moisture required for pets to digest their minerals and vitamins which is absent in air-dried, kibble or canned dog food which is loaded with fillers – join the pet food revolution to make food unadulterated in a chemical-free pouch.

Ships with ice brick and reduced packaging footprint

Refrigerator @ 36 degrees immediately upon delivery

Prepare within 3 weeks (Preservative Free)