• Refrigerator Fresh Whole Convenience Food

  • Delivered with cold packs

  • Six 100% natural health food pouches in every order!

  • Handcrafted Foods

  • Prepared in a savory marinate 

  • "The quick meal helper." 

“ I first became interested because of my fitness background. As a high profile chef I am delighted to eat  delicious non processed food.

Nancy Lupi

Branford, CT.

GotMeals is the first thing I pack on a long book signing tour!” I have assurance I can eat healthy snacks when I am on the road.


Marsha ClarkBerkeley, California

“GotMeals delivered everything they promised."

GotMeals states,

"Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”


OUR Commitment

GotMeals Prepared All Natural

Food Products.  The Meal Helper Ready to Eat Refrigeration Fresh, Single Serve, in a Microwavable Pouch.

A Food Revolution began for Fresh Whole Foods that are not processed. GotMeals delivers a healthy alternative to Eat nutritiously. GotMeals knows your concerned about your Food. GotMeals delivers advances in nutrition. Box, Can,frozen and supermarket foods lose valuable nutrients. GotMeals is the only ready to eat food to assure the vitamins & minerals are kept alive. Preservative free is our promise. The food is delivered to you Fresh as the day it was made. Order Today!

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Saute Cannellini Beans Celery

Ginger Carrot & Buttery Mushroom

Candy Chicken & Broccoli and yam

Fire steamed Brussels Sprouts

Chef Tor Sporre Westport, Connecticut